JK Series

High pressure volume refrigeration system

In order to meet the competitiveness and profitability needs of the company, it is necessary to maximize the production process, reducing passive time, energy costs and disposal.
The JK series represents a revolutionary drive system through the spindle line of the machine tool with automatic flow rate control while maintaining constant working pressure on the tool.


The JK Series control units can significantly increase the cutting parameters, thus maximizing the amount of pieces manufactured and tool life by using only the energy required for the production process without affecting the coolant temperature.

  1. Electrical cabinet complete with PLC with autonomous management.
  2. High pressure pump to the spindle line.
  3. Self-cleaning Filter ECO Series (10 micron).
  4. Tank with wheels collecting the clean coolant.
  5. Pressure control device and safety valve.

Recommended for lathes and work centers with internal induction of the minimum spindle 70 bar.

 MODEL JK 30/70-V JK 40/70-V JK 60/70-V
 Performance 30 Lpm -70 bar 40 Lpm -70 bar 60 Lpm -70 bar
 Tank capacity 500 l 500 l 500 l
 Pump type (kW) Screw (5.5 kW) Screw (7.5 kW) Screw (11 kW)