JH Series

Recommended for lathes and working centers, heavy machining of cast iron and light alloys.

The JH series is equipped with a filtration system for the management of the different pumps on the machine tool that are mounted on the high pressure system (usually equipped also with a refrigerating unit).

The JT – JH Series are recommended when the chip conveyor on the machine tool has no suitable prefiltration stages or roughing rotating filters.

  1. Magnetic pre-filter.
  2. Immersion chiller.
  3. High pressure pump to the spindle line.
  4. Electric control panel for remote interface of the machine tool.
  5. Vertical control device levels tank.
  6. Clean coolant collection tank.
  7. Safety valve assembly, pressure switch and pressure gauge.
  8. Hydrostatic gravity fabric filter H series (high slope).


Arrangement of the M8 external adduction and washing pumps.

 MODEL JH 30/50-V
JH 30/70-V
JH 40/50-V
JH 40/70-V
JH 60/50-V
JH 60/70-V
 Performance 30 Lpm -50 bar
30 Lpm -70 bar
40 Lpm -50 bar
40 Lpm -70 bar
40 Lpm -50 bar
40 Lpm -70 bar
 Tank capacity 1250 l 1250 l 1250 l
 Pump type (kW) Screw (4 kW) (5.5 kW) Screw (5.5 kW) (7.5 kW) Screw (7.5 kW) (11 kW)