XMC-K Series

Universal centrifugal – mechanical oil mist collector

Recommended for:
all kinds of machine tools with either neat oil or emulsion. Designed to satisfy the highest number of applications, this product line is the evolution of 20 years of experience in this field.

  • 4 integrated filtration stages
  • TCE (True Centrifugal Effect)
  • Full monitoring of the machine

The unit comes with 4 integrated filtration stages, ensuring a high final filtration level in accordance with EN 1822 European norms. Furthermore, it is equipped with a control box for remote interface with the PLC of the machine tool and a multifunctional LED visual indicator to monitor the running status of the machine.

  1. Multi-function LED indicator to monitor filter status
  2. Optional: EPA / HEPA post-filters
  3. Prefilter access door for filter inspection and replacement
  4. Suction inlet
  5. TCE centrifugal system
  6. Control panel, thermal switch and predisposition for additional interface controls


The base of our filtration systems is the unique and innovative TCE centrifuge (patented). An extremely effective filtration stage that not only doesn’t require any maintenance but allows the recovery of the coolant, which is immediately discharged into the drainage system.

Optional: EPA / HEPA post-filters

Recommended for: applications with presence of oil-mist and burnt smoke generated by applications with emulsion or neat oil.
Final modular additional post-filters available in 3 versions: PX / P for applications with emulsion and PH for applications with neat oil. The PX / P versions have a filtration level of up to 95% (E11 EPA), while the PH of up to 99,95% (H13 HEPA). These post-filters are easy to install even after the positioning of the XMC mist collector.

XMC-S Series

A simplified and basic unit with TCE centrifuge, double filter element and a vertical inlet for easy and direct positioning on the machine tool. Recommended for applications with emulsion and limited presence of dust and chips.

XMC-K Series Air flow rate Static pressure Motor Inlet diameter Sound level
Model 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz ø 50 Hz
m3/h Pa Kw mm dBA
XMC 500 530 740 0,37 125 62
XMC 1000 1050 920 0,55 150 64
XMC 1200 1250 1060 0,75 150 66
XMC 1500 1510 1200 1,5 200 72
XMC 2000 1930 1700 2,2 250 75