EMC Series

Centrifugal – electrostatic oil mist collector for micro-mist and burnt neat oil smoke

Recommended for:

  • Heavy applications with use of neat oil
  • Swiss type lathes, multispindle and transfer machines

An electrostatic unit that combines high efficiency filtration solutions, eco-friendly components and a compact design.
The machine is equipped with our centrifugal system TCE as a main filtration stage to eliminate most of the oil mist, followed by a single/double prefiltration stage, a single/double electrostatic cell and a final filtering element to ensure the maximum filtration efficiency, up to 99,98% with particles of dimensions > 0,1 mg/m³.
The electrostatic cells are REGENERABLE by washing, thus reducing the maintenance and disposal costs of about 90%.

  • Constant monitoring of the machine
  • Heavy duty and compact construction
  • Standard self-braking motor
  • Recommended for mechanical processing with neat oil.

For very heavy applications, 2 models with double electrostatic cells are available: EMC 1502 and EMC 2502

  1. Control and functions monitoring panel
  2. Suction inlet
  3. TCE centrifugal system
  4. Electrostatic cell


The base of our filtration systems is the unique and innovative TCE centrifuge (patented). An extremely effective filtration stage that not only doesn’t require any maintenance but allows the recovery of the coolant, which is immediately discharged into the drainage system.

EMC Series Air flow rate Static pressure Brakemotor Inlet diameter Sound level
Model 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz ø 50 Hz
m3/h Pa Kw mm dBA
EMC 500 530 670 0,37 125 63
EMC 1000 1030 920 0,55 150 65
EMC 2000 1850 1630 1,5 200 72