APC Series

Dry dust and smoke collector

Recommended for:

  • Dry cutting machines (cast iron, graphite, carbon, PTFE)
  • Laser marking, superficial finishing

APC is a dust collector equipped with high efficiency regenerable cartridges (with BIA certificate) and an automatic compressed air self-cleaning system to provide a constant suction capacity for a continuous work cycle.

  • Long filters life (approx. 8000 hours)
  • Drastically reduces operating and maintenance costs

Optional: anti-explosion safety panel for aluminium processing, HEPA post-filter.

  1. Fan section
  2. Control panel with full monitoring functions
  3. Filters section
  4. Dust bin container
APC Series Air flow rate Static pressure Motor IE3 Inlet diameter Sound level
Model 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz ø 50 Hz
m3/h Pa Kw mm dBA
APC 2000 1980 2200 1,5 200 72
APC 3000 2950 2350 2,2 220 74